Britain’s hardest cat who’s been shot 3 times aged only 2 dubbed ‘Purrminator’

Britain’s hardest cat has survived being shot three times. Two-year-old Teddy was left with a gaping bullet wound in his stomach following the most recent attack earlier this month.

The rescue cat was also shot twice through the tail in January but police have been unable to find the evil gunman who has been targeting him.

His owner Lauren Williams, 27, said: “He really is remarkable to have survived.

“He can’t have many of his nine lives left.

“He’s a very tough cat. I don’t imagine there are many tougher than him.”

Mum-of-one Lauren, from Wordsley, West Midlands, said the most recent shooting almost claimed Teddy’s life.

“This time was the worst by far as the bullet went straight through his stomach,” she said.

“It was touch and go but thankfully it hadn’t gone through any vital organs.

“We wondered if he had been in a cat fight then the x-ray showed three bullets in his stomach which are still there.

“He was so lucky it didn’t hit any organs or he would’ve been a goner.”

Teddy was taken to the PDSA pet hospital in Birmingham where he was placed on an IV drip and received treatment for his injuries.

He is now back at Lauren’s home after making a miracle recovery.

“It is frightening to think someone would do that to an animal like Teddy, it’s awful and cruel,” she said.

“He must’ve been shot nearby to make it back into the garden where I found him.

“He couldn’t move and was lying in a puddle of blood, there was a lot of blood.

“He was crying out to me, it was heartbreaking.

“It’s awful and disgusting that someone would do this to him and they need catching.”

Police have investigated the shootings but no arrests have been made so far.

After Lauren shared Teddy’s story on social media, web users were impressed by his toughness.

One wrote: “That is one hard as nails cat right there. Should rename him Purr-minator.

“No matter how many times he gets shot, he just comes back for more.”

Another added: “That is beyond cruel. But you’ve definitely got the hardest cat in the country right there.”